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Binic (Breton: Binig, Gallo: Binic) is a small fishing port 12 km (7.5 mi) north of Saint-Brieuc on the north coast of Côtes-d'Armor department of Brittany, in northwest France. Once a commune of its own, Binic is now part of the commune of Binic-Étables-sur-Mer, following a merger on March, 01, 2016.The name is derived from the Breton prefix pen (meaning head, chief, end or point) and the -ic suffix after the Ic river that runs through the village into the English Channel. Binic therefore stands for "the mouth of the river Ic".
The town has several nicknames, including City of Spray and, more recently, The Beauty Spot of the Cotes d'Armor.

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