The Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) is an Android-based mid-range smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics in 2016 and is either based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 or Exynos 7870 chipset.

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  1. Administrators

    New ! j710f unlock error

    j710f unlock error fix problem done Operation: Read Codes Selected model: SM-J710F Software version: 31.1 Searching Samsung modem... detected COM14 Reading phone info... OK Model: SM-J710F AP version: J710FXXU4BRA2 CSC version: J710FOJV4BRA1 CP version: J710FXXU4BRA5 Product code: MID Phone...
  2. md dulal khan

    Samsung j710f frp lock solution 100% done

    :Lights ::Lights :Samsung J710f Frp Lock Solution 100% Done:Lights ::Lights : Step 1 Fast Download COMBINATION_OXA_FA60_J710FXXU1APD2_OXA1APD2 File Step 2 Write Boot.Img Operation: Flash Selected model: SM-J710FN Software version: 29.9 File analysis... Ok Total file size: 0x00F42120 (15 Mb)...