nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 is a GSM mobile phone announced on 1 September 2000, and released in the fourth quarter of the year, replacing the popular Nokia 3210. It sold very well, being one of the most successful phones with 126 million units sold worldwide, and being one of Nokia's most iconic devices. The phone is still widely acclaimed and has gained a cult status due to its extreme durability.
Several variants of the 3310 have been released, including the Nokia 3315, 3320, 3330, 3350, 3360, 3390 and 3395.
The Nokia 3310 was produced at factories in Finland and Hungary. The 3315s were produced in South Korea for the Asia-Pacific market.
A new mobile phone based on the iconic 3310 design was launched in 2017. The new Nokia 3310 model comes with a comprehensive update over its predecessor with a 2.4" color display, a 2MP rear camera and a microSD slot.

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