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    New ! AFTool_5_1_31 official software for vivo FREE

    official software to flash vivo mobiles with mtk and qualcomm processors. The software is installed, it is left as it is, I mean that by default it will leave India and for no reason is it updated and we only have to download the official vivo and flash firmware, totally free. Link...
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    Share Vivo stock rom - collection

    Firmware , Driver & Tool Vivo Smartphone (collection ) : VIVO X21 Factory Firmware [9008] - PD1728F_EX_A_1.9.1_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.6.2.r1-04300-sdm660 TH,IN,MY,PH,HK,TW,RU VIVO X20 Plus Factory Firmware [SD] - VIVO Y85 & Y83 Pro - Factory Firmware [FlashTool + MTK] -...
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    Share Firmware Vivo V9 (PD1730F) QUALCOMM 2108

    Fastboot : PD1730F_EX_A_1.8.8_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.6.6.r1-03400-89xx.0_msm8953.tar.gz QFIL : PD1730F_EX_A_1.8.8_vivo_qcom_LA.UM.6.6.r1-03400-89xx.0_msm8953.rar Test Point Vivo V9 / V9 Youth 2018 ( EDL mode 9008 )
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