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Pre-installed iOS apps, referred to in the App Store as 'Built-In Apps', are a suite of mobile applications developed by Apple Inc. which are bundled with iOS and installed by default or through a system update. Many of the default apps found on iOS have counterparts on Apple's other operating systems macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS, which are often modified versions of or similar to the iOS application. As each app is integrated into the operating system itself, they often feature greater support for system features than third-party alternatives and are quick to adapt new features of iOS.
Since iOS 10, most pre-installed apps have been removable. With iOS 14, users can hide pre-installed apps in the newly introduced App Library, as well as change their default web browser and email client to a third-party alternative.

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    Voice calculator android apk free download

    Voice Calculator Latest Android Apk Free Download Voice Calculator Latest Pro Version Android Apk Free Download Voice Calculator Latest Premium Version Apk Free Download Description: Voice Calculator Now you just have to speak and Voice Calculator will automatically calculate what you say...