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    New ! Remove micloud through recovery

    Good, the first thing I'm alive, I open this post because doing firmware modified in .zip format, you don't need an authorized xiaomi account, just miflashpro. I am doing all the models of xiaomi to date, at the moment the tests carried out on the phones that arrive at my workshop are successful...
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    Content: XIAOMI QCN_ENG_PATCHED PACK 1: Link: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=1899786940962612246 XIAOMI QCN_ENG_PATCHED PACK 2: Link: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=1899786940962612251 XIAOMI QCN ENG PATCHED PACK 3: Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=4349826312261606379 Without...
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    New ! Xiaomi Stuck Recovery 3.0 Exit

    Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=297399 Free, no password or personal pages, or youtube, direct links, or advertising, or shorteners More things come, more solutions, just be patient, try, test, etc. etc. and have more time
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    New ! XIAOMI No Auth Firehose You do not need an authorized Xiaomi Account

    Supported Models: - Mi 6x Wayne - Redmi Note 5 Whired - MI Max 3 Nitrogen - Redmi Note 6 Pro tulip - Redmi S2 YSL - Redmi Note 7 Lavender Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid...86940962597252 Download the loaders file and simply copy and paste it into the firmware and flash folder with...
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    New ! Xiaomi ENG Firmware

    - ENG Factory Firmware Redmi 5 Plus - ENG Factory Firmware Redmi NOTE 5 - ENG Factory Firmware Xiaomi MI MAX - ENG Factory Firmware Xiaomi Note 4 - Mi 6 (Sagit) - Mi 8 (dipper) - Mi Max 2 (oxygen) - Mi_A1_Tissot - Redmi 5 Rosy ENG ROM - Redmi 6 and 6A Enginner Rom (No Password) - Redmi...
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    New ! Xiaomi Bootloader Unlock Pack

    - PACK 1 XIAOMI UNLOCK BOOTLOADER: Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid...86940962608319 - PACK 2 XIAOMI UNLOCK BOOTLOADER: Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid...86940962608316 - Software to unlock xiaomi bootloader: Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid...86940962608323
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    New ! Xiaomi Remove Micloud Modified Firmware

    If there are missing models or one is needed in particular, then ask for it. Link: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=296383
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    - MI 3-4 W BaseBand (cancro) - Mi 4c Baseband (Libra) - Mi 4i Baseband ( Ferari ) - Mi 5s Plus Baseband (Natrium) - Mi A2 Baseband (Daisy) - Mi Max Baseband (hidrogen) - Mi Max Pro Baseband (Helium) - Mi Note LTE (virgo) - Mi Note Pro Baseband (leo) - Redmi 2 - Redmi 3-3Pro Baseband...
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    File fix baseband imei all xiaomi devices with edl mode

    cancro_fix: CuT URLs capricorn_fix: CuT URLs dior_fix: CuT URLs ferrari_fix: CuT URLs gemini_fix: CuT URLs gucci_fix: CuT URLs helium_fix: CuT URLs hydrogen_fix: CuT URLs ido_fix: CuT URLs kate_fix: CuT URLs kenzo_fix: CuT URLs land_fix: CuT URLs leo_fix: CuT URLs libra_fix: CuT URLs...
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    Here is the solution to remove the micloud and relock account

    Hi, check if you can disable the wifi, if you do not turn off the phone you enter the recovery and factory reset, when you restart the phone the message or the micloud account lock will have disappeared and now follow these steps: Procedure for its correct use: 1. We have to disconnect the...
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    New tool to remove micloud xiaomi

    In the case of not let you disable the wifi because it is blocked by micloud, turn off the phone, and access the recovery of the xiaomi and factory reset or wipes and then follow the following steps: Procedure for its correct use: 1. We have to disconnect the xiaomi from the internet whether...
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    New tool to remove xiaomi account

    Good to all I share a tool, the tests I have done so far are satisfactory at the moment not relock, for now in the test phase, I share the link, comment according to your tests as you have gone, thank you very much. The steps are simple, we put the xiaomi in recovery mode or sideload, that yes...
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    Share Fastboot ROM Xiaomi Collection

    Xiaomi Mi 1/1S Developer Mione plus images 4.12.5 (Android 4.1) Stable mione plus JMACNBL18.0 (Android 4.1) Xiaomi Mi 2/2S Developer aries 7.2.24 (Android 5.0) Spesial Edition aries beta 5.3.27 (Android 4.4) Global Stable aries V7.1.2.0.LXAMICK (Android 5.0) aries V8.2.1.0.LXACNDL (Android 5.0)...
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    Share Xiaomi Schematic Diagram + Service Manual

    Xiaomi Schematic Diagram + Service Manual Mi 1 Mi 1S Mi 2 Mi 2A Mi 2S Mi 3 Mi 4C Mi 4-LTE MI 4S MI 5 Mi Max Mi Mix Mi Note Redmi 2X Redmi 3s Redmi Note 3 (MTK) Redmi Note 3 Pro (Qualcomm) Redmi Note 4 Diagram Redmi Note2 Redmi Note3 3Z Xiaomi Schematic Diagram + Service...
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