New ! Download MTK IMG Extractor (All Versions) – Unpack and Repack System Images

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Download MTK IMG Extractor (All Versions) – Unpack and Repack System Images

The MTK IMG Extractor is available for download through the links below. This article contains all of the major releases of MTK Extractor along with a feature description of the tool. For starters, MTK relates to Mediatek and Mediatek is an ARM chipset manufacturer. MTK phones are generally budget phones with extra features. The MTK IMG Extractor tool lets you unpack / extract system img file and then allows you to repack it. This comes in handy when you want to modify the firmware or other such partitions. Not only that, the MTK extractor tools allows you to unpack boot, recovery and other img files as well. However, it works for MTK complaint devices only. You can read further to find download links for each version of MTK extractor including the latest release.

Tools like this are generally meant for enthusiasts and developers. If you don’t have the right information we advise you do not use this tool until or unless you have a guide with you which you can follow. The modified system images can easily be distributed as MTK extractor allows you to repack the firmware back to its original state.


MTK IMG Extractor – Features:

Here is a brief overview of all the features of MTK Extractor tool.

No Installation Required

The MTK extractor tool comes in a bundled ZIP package which, once extracted, gives you an EXE file. This executable file can be run without any sort of installation. You can transfer the package into a USB and use it on another computer without any issue.
Ability to extract .img files
This tool allows you to extract official and non-official firmware’s img files. After extraction, you can modify the resulting files and load them onto your device. For ROM developers, this is a must-have functionality.
Compatible with Boot img files
MTK extractor also allows you to unpack boot img files. For compatile devices, you can unpack the boot file of the firmware. After unpacking and any modification, you can repack it easily.
Repack extracted img files
Even though the name implies that the tool is meant for extraction but the developer has included functionality to rebuild the extracted files. This makes it very easy to modify and distribute firmware files.

MTK Extractor Tool – More Information

Custom ROMs: For AOSP based ROMs that are compatible with your device you can use our Custom ROMs section.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10
Download MTK Extractor Tool:
All versions of MTK Extractor tool have been listed below. Do remember, this is a Windows-only tool.

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