Tested Fix AC3 Audio Format not supported error in MX Player

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Dec 13, 2016
Fix AC3 Audio Format not supported error in MX Player

Follow the steps to Fix AC3 Audio Format not supported error in MX Player :

Open MX player and click on the main menu.
Now click on the setting

Click on the decoder.

Scroll down to see your “Custom codec” .

Here you will see your codec and you need to download that codec for solving the Audio format (AC3) is not supported error. In the screenshot, you can see my custom codec is ARMv7 NEON. Similarly, you will find your custom codec.
By following the above steps, you would be able to find your custom codec. Click on the download button ( just below this line ) to visit the download page, where you can successfully download your custom codec.

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Before downloading codec don’t forget to check your MX player version that you are currently running in your device. To know your MX player version follow these steps :

Open MX player.
Go to Menu>Help>About.

Check for the Current Version of your MX player.

According to Your Player version download the required Custom codec. And if you are not sure about your custom codec then you can download AIO Pack for MX Player.

Note: Choose your suitable custom codec only and download it because Custom Codec may be different for a different device.

Now you have downloaded suitable codec i.e. your custom codec, the Only thing now you need to do is you have to add custom codec in your MX Player. There are two methods to add codec in your MX player.

Make sure that the downloaded zip file ( Codec file ) is in the internal memory or in downloads folder or not? If not then move it to internal memory (Recommended).
Now Open MX Player.
MX Player will automatically detect the codec if compatible codec found.

Press OK and let it restart.
To make sure whether your custom codec is loaded or not, Open MX Player and Go to Menu>Help>About. If custom codec is successfully loaded then it can be seen just below the Version information.

Sometimes MX Player doesn’t detect the Compatible Codec. So if MX Player fails to recognize your custom codec, then you can do it Manually by assigning the correct Path. Follow the method Given below:

Open MX Player and go to Menu>Settings>decoder.
Scroll down and Click on the “custom codec”, selection pop-up appears on your screen. Choose the correct path of codec that you have downloaded.
After fetching your new codec Mx player will ask you to restart the Application. Press “OK” to and let it restart.

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