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Nov 13, 2016
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  1. warning Copy past user IP will be ban from our site, So don't copy our solutions to other forum or blog.
  2. All postings have to be made in English, non English messages will be deleted without any comment or notification
  3. Read rules every day, Its will be update anytime.
  4. User are not allowed to post product updates except product manager and supporters.
  5. Same thread will be merge, Its will set automatically. So before create use search buttons.
  6. Give credit to original poster for file, tool, solutions etc
  7. Insulting Members, Religious related Discussions are not allowed here.
  8. Don't start title with xxx, etc its recognized as spam. 1st word of title must be brands name.
  9. Only one Account for a member. multi account will be ban specially old account
  10. Do not post outside links, like forum Blog Links etc...
  11. Do not misuse of signature it’s not for advertise, you will lose signature permission on misuse.
  12. Title must be start with brands name like HTC Samsung Moto ETC, Once Don't miss brands name from Title.
  13. All the conversation should be made in English as it is an international Forum.
  14. Do not use sexual avatars or images in signature and its should be short.
  15. Do not Advertise under your Profile field.
  16. End your Title with your problems / Wants / Needs like Firmware needs, Hang on logo ETC.
  17. Always Choose right sections to Create new thread, We have almost all sections and so many Sub-Forum / Sub- Sections.
  18. Before Make thread or posts please read sticky & Use search buttons.
  19. Password protected files are not allowed or provide password in your thread.
  20. Its not allowed to post personal details (Phone number , Email, ETC) on open forum.
  21. Do not make posts with sales intentions in general sections.
  22. Always start a new thread for your problem, avoid making posts in others topic.
  23. Do not unnecessary QUOTE , Reply by mentions user name like @name
  24. Every section have own rules to follow.
  25. Use the report buttons for serious issue which is against rules like abusive word, insulting, wrong section, Useless Posts.
  26. Box or Dongle successful report , error's logs, screenshot, etc discuss not allow to general forum.
  27. Product managers & product supporters are not allowed to advertise their products in general sections.
  28. Choose a good Title/Subject for your thread.
  29. Use capitals letters in Titles , Specially 1st letter of every word & Model no must be with capitals letters.
  30. Stay away from pm (Private Message) to mod for helps, Post in open forum.
  31. Note before creating new post, violation will be deleted posts or board nick:
    When requesting or looking for rom must have complete information of the device
    Post title must have a prefix, the subject name must be clear.
    Posts must be stamped, not capitalized and do not use obscene language, depraved, no culture.
    Do not insert Links, SEO keywords or related images of other Forum related majors.
    If you want to upload photos, then you use the image url function of the forum.
    Find before creating a new Topic to avoid duplicate posts.
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