How to upload picture in our gsmfuturebd support & all site


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Product Supporter
Jul 13, 2017

gsm friends

most of the people don't know how to upload picture in our support.

this post red carefully after try

Postimage is an easy to use screen capture tool that allows you to take snapshots of your entire desktop or a part of it. You can manually set the area size after the capture is made or the image can be saved or shared online directly. Postimage can also automatically send screenshots to your clipboard so you can instantly paste it into documents. Postimage still very much a work in progress however and you may experience bugs in this initial release.

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after setup like this

open post image and click full screen

you need manually crop flow this

and you happy ;save as or upload

ok you select upload ;after

open our site and redy to a post like

hope you success a good post;; picture ;;
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