Huawei All Model Firmware Finder Tools

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Dec 13, 2016
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Huawei All Model Firmware Finder Tools


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Windows Vista SP1+
.Net Framework 4.5.2
Dial-Up Connection

Capabilities PC version

Search firmware for different ranges
Search firmware in common database
Proxy server for sending firmware to smartphone
Built-in firmware loader
Capabilities Android version
Search for firmware in a common database.
Downloading, when using a multi-threaded download with 128 threads, the speed reaches 5 megabits per second.
Unpacking UPDATE.APP from the downloaded firmware.
Local proxy server for sending firmware to smartphone
To begin your search you must specify the value ranges G g and start the search, if you do not know what range to choose the easiest way to find it by clicking on the tab the total base in the filter field, enter the name of your model from the menu Settings-> About telefone-> Model then click search.

About threads

On streams are divided value v, ie, v n is the number one stream. The more threads, the higher the load on the processor and the network does not make sense to put in 1024 at a low flow speed internet connection, as it will not speed up the search speed of firmware, perhaps even slow down.

Download version for Windows
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Download version for Android
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You can help me by sending this post to the theme of their device

Sofftware It's

    • Fixed adding firmware to the database.
    • The ability to add firmware to the database from the local database is included
    • Added displaying the current version of the program in the window title.
    • Added proxy server for install firmware with new method
    • Added a drop down menu with various information (FAQ, changelog)
    • Deleted wand :< miss her
    • Copying the elements of the table with the right mouse click
    • Again turned green backlight firmware previously absent on the common database
    • Fix English
    • Changed repeated requests methon
    • Added English/Russian CHM help(HELP/help.chm)