Ultra Lock Screen Latest Android Apk Free Download

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Ultra Lock Screen Android Apk Free Download

Ultra Lock Screen Latest Pro Version Android Apk Free Download

Ultra Lock Screen Latest Premium Version Android Apk Free Download

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This App support All Android Device

Our designers created the perfect laser locker for your smartphone:

Ultra Lock Screen! DOWNLOAD Ultra Lock Screen NOW and enjoy the laser colors on your display!

Personalize your Android phone or tablet in a simple way with our new locker theme, Ultra Lock Screen! This locker screen theme helps you lock your smartphone and decorate it at the same time.
Make your phone look amazing and get access to the top apps directly from your home screen while keeping your phone safe!

★How to use★

Download Ultra Lock Screen and wait for the lock screen theme to install on your device;
Open the app and swipe to begin customization;
• Select the "Set Active Theme" button and wait a few seconds for the locker theme to activate;
•The locker theme is now installed and you have a new way to keep your phone or tablet safe!
Notice ★ This locker theme works with the Go Locker Fourkey or with the Redraw Locker. It is ok if you do not have this locker installed on your Android device! When you first open the Ultra Lock Screen app, you will see a pop-up that will take you to the right app page, where you can download and install it.
More themes for locker ★ If you want to personalize your phone or tablet with even more lock screen themes free, all you have to do is visit our developer page! We have dozens of lock screen themes for Android free for you! With this amazing locker theme you get all the nice features of the Go Locker Fourkey or of the Redraw Locker and an amazing design that will look incredible on any device.
•◆ Instantly access any app you want, straight from your locker screen!
•◆ Change which apps can be accessed from your lock screen by simply accessing your device's settings menu;
•◆ Read text messages and instant messages directly from your lock screen.
You will never want to use the standard locker theme again! Discover a new way to customize your phone and keep it safe with the Ultra Lock Screen.


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