Tested vivo 1901_19 pin/frp remove done

Md Firoz Ahmed™

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Dec 13, 2016
vivo 1901_19 pin/frp remove done one click by mrt

first try umt mtk tools but failed

Brand : Vivo
Model : Y15
Operation : Format FS
Qt: Untested Windows version 6.2 detected!
Waiting for Phone in BROM Mode...
Connect Power Off phone within 30 secs...
Port : MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM23)
Connected to BROM.
Sending Download Agent...
connect DA end stage: 2, enable DRAM in 1st DA: 0
Connected to Download Agent..
Syncing with Target...
Reading Partition Table...
Failed! Please retry or update drivers!
Disconnect Battery/Cable and Power On Phone.
[UltimateMTK Ver. 2.9]

last try mrt lock remove done

Disconnect Mobile...
re-input Mobile Battery...
then connect usb to computer....
Make Sure your Mobie have power...
>>> Searching Mobile Com Port...
Get Mobile Port: COM23
>>> Driver Identifying name:
MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android)
>>> Get Mobile Aleady...
>>> Reading Mobile Hardware info...Success
HW_Inf: 8A00 SW_Inf: CA00
>>> Initializing Mobile Phone...Success
>>> Downloading boot1 to Mobile...Success
ÊÖ»ú״̬Çл»Îª :brom... ÊÖ»ú״̬Ϊ: preloader
È·ÈÏÊÖ»ú״̬Ϊ :brom...
Initializationing BOOT2 ...
=====================Flash ÀàÐÍ(eMMC)==============
Flash Size: 0x0000000E8F800000 -> 59640M
Flash ID: 0x90014A6843396150
Flash Name: Hynix_Unknow
Flash Code: hC9aP3
>>> switch hight speed re,wr port...
Get Com Port is: COM41
>>> Driver name:
MediaTek DA USB VCOM (Android)
>>> Reading Mobile GPT data...Success
all is done!!!

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